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slots from the latest news stories of Online Slot Games On April 27, a major game developer held a press conference at the Moscow InterContinental hotel to hold a conference on Russian Gaming Week 2021. This event will be hosted by the organizers of Smile-Expo. To consolidate the community of gamers in online casino sites in Russia

and gather outstanding experts in various fields of online gaming business through channels web casino to discuss About the opportunity to develop various online markets at present, sure enough. What will the story of this news be? In this article, the reader himself will be able to follow and read it. The

speaker of the year 2021, an expert on online games and online slots.

Within this event There will be a way for experts to focus on the regulatory aspect. Legal in terms of online games and tools Online marketing and how to attract customers is the main thing. The first six commentators of Russian Gaming Week 2021 Roman Bout will be managing director. and founder of Quints, a software development company. for affiliate marketing

He has been working in online games for over 10 years. Previously, speakers held senior positions at Parimatch and the MSL business group. He was also the co-founder of SupportLAB outsourcing services. At this event, Roman will be presenting “Money (not ) the relationship between the player and the betting service provider itself.

Let’s move on to the story of Sergey Voronkevich consulting a certified organization. On the privacy of co-founder’s data and Director of DPO LLC is part of the consortium. privacy specialist Internationally, since 2017

he has been conducting GDPR Data Privacy Professional training sessions. The only training on GDPR in the Russian-speaking area. In his presentation he will address the topic. “Redirecting the online game stream From Southeast Asia to Russia (online and offline)”

Mariya Lepshikova, legal advisor, legal expert. Gambling and Lottery Business Support Owner Pravovaya Liniya LLC Company Support Gambling Business Speakers help new gambling projects to create development strategies. according to legal norms within the framework Of the meeting, Ms. Mariya will speak on the topic “Regulation system

reform and control of gambling activities” is the main topic of professionalism. Most likely, it’s

Paruyr Shahbazyan – the founder of the portal. The resource’s audience is 350,000 people, every month it has about 1.2 million visits. In the past, Paruyr was a professional gambler. Now he is engaged in the development of the rating of bookmakers, including foreign non-Russian markets. He also founded the international RB Awards. His talks will focus on the regulatory guillotine.

Dmitriy Shevtsov is the founder of, a company that significantly increases business profits. Over four years of work on promoting website traffic together with his team of specialists has successfully implemented more than 200 projects. Their clients include,, Pegas Touristik, Afisha, Delo Vkusa and. Other in the

work Dmitry will consider the topic. “Free admission and general media audience for gambling and challenging bets.”

at the end of this article The story of this press conference will affect the role. The company’s developers and groups of online game manufacturers to meet the needs of How much online casino web games That will have to wait to follow each other continuously sure enough. with each zone of the country that is involved in this

business Most of them have encountered the situation of Covid-19 in every country as well. This would have to wait and see the way to go. It has come as a matter of conclusion once again. The part that will be negative or become It’s even more positive in the online gaming business. I think that in the next quarter, we will know the results

officially. In the next article I will bring some other interesting stories. About the business of online games to present to readers again, that would have to wait to follow each other. Continuously sure enough. Or if there are any issues that correspond to social media trends? I will quickly present it to the reader in a timely manner.

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