Why should you start a business in 2021?

In the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven online shopping to record highs. That means that if we can bring various products to sell through online channels Our business has the opportunity to grow in the future.

For those who have not yet figured out what business to do, it may start from thinking about various problems. that they encounter in everyday life, but no business has come to fix it Because it is likely that the problems that we are facing may be problems that many People are found as well.

In addition, in the current economic situation, there are many people who are unemployed. If we can build a business this year, it is likely that more people will want to apply to work with us. And the more our business can actually solve the problems of a wide range of people. Employees will feel motivated to work.

Questions that should be answered if you want to start a business this year

as important as with the question of when to start a business What problems will we do business to solve? Who has the opportunity to be our customer? How interesting or better are our products or services than competitors? Why do people have to pay money to buy?

When trying to answer a few questions We may feel afraid of competition. But if you try to look at this from a new angle, you will find that A business with many competitors is a business that has real customers. And the last question that is indispensable is Our team is talented enough to make this business successful, you

may have problems with the funds to start a business. Let us try to talk to many adults. Those who have the opportunity to invest in our business which things we should prepare before meeting investors is to understand that What do investors have to do to feel confident in our business ideas? They may find information to support that

1. In the future, in what direction is our customer group likely to grow?

2. How do we have a marketing plan to get customers?

3. How many months does it take to start earning?

4. When do we need to ask for a second amount of capital and think it will be the same amount? How

5. How do we have a backup plan to deal with the COVID situation?

6. How are our business plans for the next 24 months?

An example of a low-cost business that can be started right away is Business for renting books, clothing, furniture, rooms or parking, etc., which if you try to analyze it well. You will find that there are many gaps in the second-hand goods market that do not yet have many players. And we can also sell art or handmade products through various websites as well.

In addition, there are many types of products that have increased sales during the covids. which we can apply ideas to do business in 2021

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